Geographilately is a modern collector's trend intent on collecting of the stamps and entire covers from the single stamp territories. It's collector's trend where primary is the relation between postage stamp and the territory for which it was issued and where it was used to pay of the consignment transport.

The word "geographilately" is compound of two words - "geography" and "philately". For collectors - geographilatelists connection both of these words mean object of their interest with always more important postal historical elements.

About stamp territories collecting expansion witness increase of the collectors number and increase of the awarded exhibits number.

Since 1989 year The Association of collectors of stamp territories around the world GEOPHILA is working in Czech Republic. Next pages are dedicated to this association and its activity.


Dungarpur - a rare stamp territory (postal used 1941)
Dungarpur - a rare stamp territory (postal used 1941)


N E W S   O N   T H I S   W E B


2014-10-04 issued GEOPHILA Bulletin No.64
2014-10-04 next members meeting: 25th October 2014, Praha



Mosquito provisional<br>letter used at Bluefields 1894-07-16
Mosquito provisional
letter used at Bluefields 1894-07-16


New Zealand occupation of german colony Samoa<br>letter postal used at Apia (1914)
New Zealand occupation of german colony Samoa
letter postal used at Apia (1914)



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